Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Use iSCSI disk on Windows 2008

The iSCSI Initiator is part of Windows 2008, and it is located in the Control Panel. To

1. From iSCSI Initiator Properties, select Discovery tab, Click Add Portal, then enter the IP address with the default port number 3260 unchanged and click OK.

2. Select Target tab, click Log on, the target name has been picked up, so just select automatically restore this connection when the computer starts, then click OK. If the configuration is right, the status of the Properties should indicate Connected. Click OK to exit the properties.

3. From the Administrative Tools-> Computer Management->Disk Management. There should be a new disk without a drive letter. From the property of the new disk it displays something like OPENFILER VIRTUAL-DISK SCSI Disk Device on my system.

4. To use the new disk, right click on the disk, highlight Convert to Dynamic Disk, select the disk number, and then click OK. Select a drive letter, and then format the disk. After the format is completed, the new disk can be used as a normal disk for the system.

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